Kid Icarus AR cards at selected W.H. Smith stores

Date: July 8, 2012 Written by

Earlier this year Nintendo announced during a Nintendo Direct session that the AR cards for Kid Icarus: Uprising will be made available in stores courtesy of Panini, yet they have been silent on that front since. However, fans have noticed that card albums and booster packs have surfaced in a few W.H. Smith stores across the country. The album confirms that there are a total of 404 cards to collect and even has a make-up of the set:

261 Common cards, 96 Silver wing cards (1 in every 2 packs), 45 Gold cards (1 in every 8 packs) and 2 Diamond cards (403 “Pit”: 1 in every 67 packs, 404 “Palutena (Rare)” 1 in every 1,600 packs).

Each pack costs £1.50 and like other promotional Kid Icarus AR card packs, contains 6 cards.