Free-To-Play Games Coming To Wii U

Though Ghost Recon boasts as a Free to Play game on the PC, we are still in the dark about the Wii U version. However, Virtual Toys’ new title will be coming to the Wii U and it’s 100% free to play. The company says:

“Our strategy for the future in the F2P business is not only to be there just because we want to be in the F2P area, but also because we want to make games that are quite ahead what you can find in the market right now. In that way we’ve developed a new title which is technologically and graphically state-of-the-art in F2P games. This game is multiplatform (PS3, PS Vita, Wii U, PC, browser…)(…) And also in terms of gameplay it’s a different and unique experience in consoles or PC. It’s a really, really big project.”

No information on the game has been released, but seeing Nintendo’s negativity against Free to Play but still allowing these titles to come to the system is great, a change for the good from the company.

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