The 12 Days of E3: Day Three

On the third day of gaming, Iwata sent to me…
Three booth babes,
Two Pikmin pets,
And a ticket to the great E3!

I have realised on the third day of writing out these features, that infact, I have no detailed what E3 is. I’ve just assumed the majority of you know, but because these aren’t the typical ‘WiiUAndMii Articles’ I’m going to dedicate this day into detailing just what this event is all about and why it is considered ‘Christmas for gamers’

World E-3, start!
If you didn’t know, E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo. It is an annual video game conference and show held at the Los Angeles Convention center every year since 1995 and is presented by the Entertainment Software Association or ESA. It is considered the biggest and best expo within the video game industry compared to the TGS (Tokyo Game Show) and CES (Consumer Electronics Show) which generalise on the entertainment industry as a whole.

Major video game sites and journalists collectively document, record and write about the event as it is where many games are revealed and company announcements are…well announced. This year’s E3 is very special, due to a console being (re)unveiled, so many fans are expecting a big show from Nintendo. From 1995 to 2007, the event was open to both journalists and members of the gaming industry as well as the general public, however, during 2007-2008 E3 was turned into an invitation only event, likely due to the popularity it had gained and not being able to handle all the general public. However, it did not meet expectations and the event was swiftly made back into its original state for the continuing years.

History In The Making
So what was there before E3? Well most game developers went to different trade shows around the world to show off what they were working on, such as the aforementioned CES, TGS and ECTS (European Computer Trade Show). Now for a bit of a Wikipedia copy and paste. The inception of the first E3 was made by ‘IDG’s Infotainment World and co-founded by the ‘Interactive Digital Software Association which is now called the ‘Entertainment Software Association (ESA). This greeted the start of a new generation of consoles starting with the SEGA Saturn and the following Playstation, Virtual Boy and Neo-Geo CD. Specifications for the then named ‘Ultra 64’ (Nintendo 64) were released however no physical hardware was shown.

Wikipedia Paste:
DSA originally asked CES for a private meeting space for game developers, but was told that they could not limit access to only invited registrants. Patrick Ferrell, CEO of IDG’s Infotainment World, had sent his VP Marketing to the meeting, and hearing the result, the management team at Infotainment World immediately announced E3. Needing to insure the full backing of the industry, Ferrell then negotiated a partnership between IDG and the IDSA, who then co-produced the show for a number of years. The event ran from May 11 through May 13, 1995 in Los Angeles, California. Keynote speakers included Sega of America, Inc. president and CEO Thomas Kalinske; Sony Electronic Publishing Company president OlafOlafsson; and Nintendo chairman Howard Lincoln. The first show was one of the largest trade show launches in history, with over 1.2 million feet of show space and over 80,000 attendees.

Money money money!
While it might not seem like it, publishers spends huge amounts of money on promoting their games and creating displays at E3 to showcase their big titles. Some companies even go as far as getting celebrities to do signings for specific games, one of which is Tony Hawk who will be there to promote one of the many Tony Hawk games. These celebrities don’t just turn up for free you know?

Fanboys. I hate these guys
E3 is like Christmas for gamers and with that in mind, we all know people get crazy around E3 time. The show is the biggest ‘hype’ machine to have ever existed in the gaming world and is hotly anticipated by gamers and industry members every year, with masses of leaks and rumours released merely days before the event? So how do you seperate the fact from lies? You just ignore it all, this is what I personally recommend. Don’t believe anything you see a few weeks before E3 because it will likely be rubbish made up by the fanboys of the specific company. You only have to wait a few days to find out whether it is true or not, so there is no point in hyping yourself up over a potential nothing.

Letsa Go!
Day four will be up tomorrow as will likely be a flurry of rumours from everyone in the industry, take me advice and don’t believe anything!

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