The 12 Days of E3: Day Four

On the fourth day of gaming, Iwata sent to me…
Four Yoshi dolls,
Three booth babes,
Two Pikmin pets,
And a ticket to the great E3!

Nine days remain, gamers all around the globe are fatigued and ever so tired of impatiently waiting for E3 2012. Resources are running low, games are a rare occurrence and there’s more leaks than a bad day in the Ubisoft PR office. Rumours are being made up right and left and it’s up to the public to decide what is credible and what is not; the light at the end of cave is just a mere speck for now, but a HMO5 should help us with that.

Redesign, redefine, have a great time.
The last time we heard, Nintendo told us that the Wii U and controller we saw at E3 2011 was not representative of the final product. They said that the final form would be shown off at next years E3 and we would be given a ‘re-unveiling’ of the console to make sure gamers, journalists and the public alike were sure that this is a brand new console, not an add-on to the Wii. You might be thinking ‘But Daniel, how could somebody think that it is an add-on for the Wii?’ Well, Nintendo didn’t exactly do the best job of showing it off, while gamers like us would have been up to date with the news, rumours and what not, some attendees were left confused as to what the company had shown off, so E3 2012 is the time to make sure they leave in the know.

Hey Reggie, where’s the details?
We were promised details about the Wii U and though they haven’t been incredibly detailed we did indeed get them. Though not just through Nintendo themselves but rumours, leaks and insiders, we’ve gradually found more and more about the mysterious system and what it is capable of. I won’t post any technical details as I’m not too familiar on the terminology of it all and in all honesty, we don’t really have any, which is normal Nintendo behaviour, to focus on games first and specifications second. But even in that case, surely we should have received something by now?

Well we know at least two games will be shown at E3, the first being Pikmin 3 and the second being a Mario game. Miyamoto has confirmed that both will be present in some shape or form at the event, but refused to detail whether it will just be a trailer or a demo or whatever! Now the speculation on my part beings. My first guess is that Killer Freaks From Outer Space will be shown off, being an exclusive for the console it will likely be demoed just as it was last year.

Aliens: Colonial Marines and Darksiders II may also be featured on more than other games, with both developers praising the capabilities of the Wii U, this may be a way of Nintendo ‘thanking them’ for singing their praises when they could not. Both games were shown off in the original game trailer so I think they have a chance of coming up again.

But it’s not just games we were promised details about and while I can’t really complain about this one as we did get information (very little but it was there), the Wii U’s online capabilities are something that make the consoles a yay or nay for many gamers. We have had confirmation that personal accounts will be used as well as a proper online structure in the name of ‘Nintendo Network’. We’ve also had ‘confirmation’ from a Ubisoft representative from E3 2011 that friend codes are completely gone which is a huge relief. The other bit we know is that all games will be able to be downloaded or bought physically from day one.

And well, that’s it. We’ve had next to nothing apart from that. Other than a slight colour change to the logo we’ve had very little to hear on the Wii U, so let’s hope they go all out on the big night!

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