Nintendo E3 2012

E3 Nintendo 2012


Nintendo’s E3 Conference 2012

The Nintendo E3 2012 press conference will be held at 9am on the 5th June in LA, California. E3 is an annual event where game companies showcase their games and upcoming products to the press. Unfortunately we won’t be there this year, however, we will be providing live updates on this web page of the Nintendo E3 2012 conference. So on June 5th at 9am pacific daylight time, midday in New York, 4pm Greenwich Mean Time, 5pm London Time, or 2am on the 6th June in Sydney, make sure to come to in order to check out live updates from the event. The Nintendo E3 2012 conference is expected to show plenty of news on the upcoming Wii U console, as well as some new Nintendo 3DS games, and any other surprises Nintendo may throw at us!


What We Expect From The Show

A number of things could happen during the press conference, Wii U rumors have recently been suggesting that the Wii U might be getting a name change, due to the confusion the press were in last year. A lot of people believed the Wii U controller to simply be an add on to the current Wii console, and some people were confused with the 3DS, believing it was another extension to the DS rather than an entirely separate console. To avoid making the same mistake twice, a name change could be considered highly likely.

As games go, Pikmin 3 is almost a definite to be announced for the Wii U as well as a Mario game as previous news reports have been suggesting. Will two Nintendo games be enough to support the Wii U console when it is launched, or will more games be announced? Shigeru Miyamoto has recently expressed interest on a return to a more 2D style Link, such as the one seen in A Link To The Past, will this potentially be appearing at the show for the 3DS, or was Miyamoto just expressing what he would like to see rather than what might actually happen? We will probably almost definitely be getting more information on the upcoming New Super Mario Bros 2 on the Nintendo 3DS, but what other games to Nintendo have up their sleeves?


Where To Watch It

We will include a list of live streams for you to watch here, so you won’t miss a thing.


Discuss The Nintendo E3 2012 Conference

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