Your Thoughts: 3DS Anniversary

Your Thoughts: 3DS Anniversary

Well merely a few days ago marked the 1st anniversary of the Nintendo 3DS in Europe. On that day I asked you what our favourite 3DS game currently is and which upcoming 3DS game are you most looking forward to? (speculations were welcome) We got quite a few responses so here is what you had to say:

Kyle Mckenzie said ‘Kingdom hearts Dream Drop Distance has got to be the biggest game of coming to 3DS for me. for E3 I really want Star Wars Battlefront 3 announced for any system but for 3DS I’d like a dragonball fighter for 3DS with all the characters all the attacks and all the epicness of super saiyan in THREEE DEEEE’.

Rachael Nicholas commented ‘animal crossing i really really can’t wait!!!! also i think fire emblem will be good . atm am enjoying bit trip saga , never played the wii ware version . runner is soo addictive :)’

Our own Daniel Switzer wrote in ‘Currently, my favourite title on the 3DS is Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D. Such an impressive experience on the 3DS from Konami and although I had doubts at first, I’m glad I pulled through. My most anticipated title has to be Paper Mario 3DS, but only just. While Super Paper Mario was good, it differed from the rest of the games so I am hotly waiting to see how the 3DS version fairs!’

Personally my favourite 3DS game would have to be Ocarina of Time 3D as it was both nostalgic and fresh. The face-lift it was given really made the game feel somewhat new.\ even if it is just a 15 year old game. Having loved the original this game worried me slightly at first. I believed it could have been just a remake but it was certainly much than that. It definitely meant more to the gamers who have played and/or finished the original, truth be told I still haven’t finished the 64 version.

WiiUAndMii’s Demelza Ward said ‘Most anticipated is either Animal Crossing or Mario Tennis Open. Animal Crossing I wish they’d hurry up and give a release date, Mario Tennis on the other hand isn’t far away now.
Favourite title is easily Mario Kart 7, or Ocarina of Time 3D. Both were perfect for what was needed of them, Ocarina of Time 3D for the older gamers, and those who love the series, while Mario Kart 7 gave us a decent multiplayer game.’

Matthew Jones replied ‘Favourite game so far? Does it need saying? One of the best games of all time? Alright alright, it’s Ocarina of Time 3D.’

Thomes Blakely  responded ‘I have to say Ocarina of Time 3D is my favourite 3DS game by far, otherwise I haven’t really seen anything on there which has really caught my eye. Mario Kart 7 is really good, but still nothing new. I am personally really looking forward to getting my hands on a RPG game for the 3DS. Bravely Default is the one I am most looking forward to.’

My most anticipated upcoming game announced for 3DS is Animal Crossing by far! I remember the joy of playing it on a handheld with Animal Crossing: Wild World. I packed so man hours into that gem until I eventually ‘misplaced’ it. That was about 4 years ago and sadly I have not seen it since. It will be interesting to see how it plays out on the 3DS and see how different it is from the previous versions.

Our Josh A. Stevens said ‘My most anticipated 3DS title this year has to be “Bravely Default: Flying Fairy”, no doubt about it. The moment it has a European release confirmed, I shall be dancing like a happy drunk Irishman. My current favourite title is probably Kid Icarus: Uprising; although that may just be because I’ve only recently got it and haven’t got bored yet xD’

Ashley Stegosaurus Harrison sent in ‘ Most anticipated – Luigi’s Mansion 2 or Smash Bros 4. However I hope a main FF game gets announced at E3 and if it’s a remake of 7 or 8 then i’ll preorder it that same day.
Current favourite is Kid Icarus: Uprising. I’m only on chapter 5 but it’s been a great game so far XD’

Apart from my anticipation of Animal Crossing 3DS, I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this brilliant game called ‘Star Wars: Battlefront 3’ for 7 years now, why do I include this game to my Nintendo want list? Because there is a slight possibility it may be on the Wii U or 3DS. Battlefront 3 is basically just Battlefield dressed in Star Wars skins with bot First and Third person.

This upcoming year could be make or break for Nintendo’s 3DS and more importantly the Wii U, but today we should just stop and think about how revolutionary that little handheld that came out just over a year ago really is.

Other replies:

Calum Mitchel Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance! 😛

Owen Traynor Luigis mansion 2. I predict Donkey kong country 3d to be announced

Kieran Hendry People will say a Pokemon Main series 3DS title but I’m quite happy with Super Pokemon Rumble

Peter Kanyike Fire Emblem: Awakening/6th Gen Main Pokémon 3DS Game and Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Katie Sida I’m really looking forward to Animal Crossing. I want to see how they have changed things but made it feel like the other games at the same time.

Conor Bennett Mario Tennis. Mario 3D Land. Imagine a GTA on 3DS, that could revolve around number 5

Billy Herron Luigi’s Mansion 2! Preordered

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