Why We Need: Star Fox Wii U

This is the first of my new ‘Why We Need’ features where I say why we need a certain game on a system or a certain object or whatever. It will mainly be focused on games but Nintendo is unpredictable so there might be some hardware ‘Why We Need’ features in the near future. Anyway, this time I am telling you why we need Star Fox on the Wii U and why the system is a perfect match for it.

Star Fox

Star Fox is a first party franchise from Nintendo which started on the SNES, but it’s one of the very few Nintendo franchises that haven’t been redone and expanded as much as say Mario or The Legend Of Zelda. It follows the story of Fox McCloud (who you play as), an intergalactic Fox who travels with his crew made up of Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad and Falco Lombardi. There have been 5 Star Fox games starting with StarFox on the SNES,  going on to Star Fox 64 on the Nintendo 64, Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox Assault following on the Gamecube and finally StarFox Command on the DS. Recently, Star Fox 64 was remastered in 3D for the 3DS, including some updates. Many fans feel as if the last great StarFox game was 64 (an opinion I agree with) and that the games after never really topped it.

Why The Wii U Is The Perfect Console To Bring The Series Back To It’s Roots

Graphics and Gameplay

When the original launched on the SNES, it took advantage of the Super FX chip, a coprocessor used to accelerate graphics display, which became Nintendo’s first game to use 3-D Polygon Graphics. These types of graphics were new and different at the time and the game was very hyped as a result. Now seeing as the Wii U is going to deliver 1080p graphics, what better way to return to the series than a beautiful looking StarFox game that plays like Star Fox 64. Take out the RPG elements from Adventures and and the third person element from Assault and stick to Arwing based (Arwing being the ship they fly around in) gameplay. It would be a big seller and the fans of the series are certainly waiting for their next ‘true’ installment.


The Wii U has six-axis controls right? So a motion control option would be a nice feature, seeing as many praised the 3DS version of 64’s motion controls, but as long as it isn’t compulsory. Older players would love to go back to D-Pad or analog stick (Slide Pad for Wii U) controls. The left stick to control the ship and the right to control the camera. As for the big touchscreen in the middle of the controller? Well there are a few ideas. One being that it could be used to control your team mates, so selecting Peppy for example and placing from behind you to infront of you to reduce the chances of being attacked by enemies. Or in all range mode ( basically, when travelling through levels it’s in a ‘Corridor mode’, forcing the player to travel down a fixed path through the environment, but at the end of the level some times it goes into all range mode, allowing the players to travel how and where they want in a battlefield), it could be used to fully control where your team mates go, acting as they would normally do, but when you select them they go where you direct them and do what you want. Or it could be used as a first person mode screen when pointing it at the T.V. and you can zoom in on far away enemies for example.


Multiplayer was a huge aspect back in the N64 days, many hours were spent blowing the hell out of whoever played as Slippy, and was great fun! You could play in an arwing, a landmaster (a tank) or if you unlocked all gold medals on all planets on hard mode, you could play on foot, although that was an extraordinary feat back in the day. Now with the Big N promising magical things about the online feature with the Wii U, there is no excuse for it to be anything short of spectacular. Imagine high octane dog fights between a team of you and mates against people you don’t know and Slippy Toad! Literally you could have 50 man teams each side in a team death-match style game, and the team with the most kills at the end wins! You could have as many friends with as many CPU’s as you want to fill up the remaining team. Oh the dreams I could have, but anyway, back to reality. A major online mode is needed for the Star Fox series, especially to make up of the lack of it in the new 3DS remake, but that’s not to say local multiplayer should be ignored. One of the great things about Star Fox is the way it brings people together, and socialise. I remember having sleepovers dedicated to Star Fox 64 multiplayer. Anything from the what the Nintendo 64 version would be good enough for me.

 General Improvements

Of course, with any franchise being ‘revived’, there are a list of improvements to be made. For one, many more planets/levels. The way each level was unique in it’s own way created a sense of new and exciting every time you played it. Now without spoiling this, more planets should be added but each maintain their differences. Multiple paths for multiple endings would create replay value too. And keeping the gold medal challenge from 64, (players had to kill a certain amount of enemies on each planet to earn either a bronze, silver or gold medal) would also create replay-ability. Co-op story-mode would be a great addition and would definitely be something fans of Star Fox would enjoy, a challenge could be assigned on each level for the players to complete or a ranking score and whoever has the most kills at the end of the level wins. 4 player story mode would great as the whole crew of Star Fox could be used for each person (assuming the Wii U can do 4 player streaming, at the time of writing this, it seems they can) and would be a nostalgic blow to the face for StarFox veterans.  Of course, you have the ability to shoot down whoever is playing as Slippy because ,well, you know. It’s Slippy. It would be great to see the whole crew flying through the Lylat System again in search of Andross, (or maybe a close relative). Customization would be neat, creating your own LandMaster or BlueMarine, and taking what they did with the camera in Star Fox 64 3D and tracking the players face while playing would be a nice addition too!


If Nintendo do decide to bring it back, which they have hinted at before, they are going to have a tough job deciding whether to change it round again to make it new, or keep it close to 64 (which personally I would love) but having to change a few things so it doesn’t seem like a remake. Did I miss anything out? Got something you would like to see for Star Fox Wii U? Drop a comment below!

And that was, Why We Need: Star Fox Wii U.

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