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Nintendo Confirm Smash Bros’ Mewtwo Availability

Back when Nintendo hosted the “Super Smash Bros. 50 Must See Things!” stream, the Japanese game developer revealed that a veteran fighter from a past [...]

Date: November 20, 2014 Written by


How Does Watch_Dogs Look On Wii U?

Watch_Dogs is (finally) releasing on Wii U this week – November 21st, to be exact. With Off-TV play and an interactive GamePad map, the game [...]

Date: November 18, 2014 Written by

Smash Bros. 3DS

Smash Bros. 3DS Balancing Patch Available Now

Last month, Nintendo released the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS in North America and Europe and later this month, the Wii U version [...]

Date: November 18, 2014 Written by

Zelda Hyrule Warriors

Aonuma Confirms Hyrule Warriors DLC Character

Warning: Major The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess spoilers! When Nintendo and Koei Tecmo released their crossover game Hyrule Warriors, many fans of Nintendo’s much-loved [...]

Date: November 18, 2014 Written by

Persona Q box

Who Wants Even More Persona Q Trailers?

Next Friday is going to be a very hectic day for Nintendo fans in Europe – I mean, imagine having to juggle between playing Pokémon [...]

Date: November 17, 2014 Written by


Exclusive Interview with Tengami Developers Nyamyam

Despite the many big first-party titles from Nintendo at the moment, it is becoming increasingly clear that the eShop is becoming a huge part of [...]

Date: November 14, 2014 Written by


Launch Trailer for Tetris Ultimate on 3DS!

Tetris Ultimate, the latest version of Tetris for Nintendo 3DS, is releasing today (14th November). To go with it, Ubisoft has released a launch trailer! [...]

Date: November 14, 2014 Written by


Tengami Review (Wii U)

There are many different ways to play games, and Tengami is a representative of that. Nyamyam have created a very different experience on Wii U, [...]

Date: November 14, 2014 Written by

Delta episode thumb

Deoxys To Appear In Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire’s “Delta Episode”

In just over a week, the highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS remake pair Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will be released across the globe (except in Europe, [...]

Date: November 14, 2014 Written by

Majora's Mask key art thumb

Aonuma Teases New 3DS Enhancements for Majora’s Mask 3D

A 3DS remake of the classic N64 title The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask was finally unveiled in a Nintendo Direct last week following what started [...]

Date: November 13, 2014 Written by